In the case of smartwatches, Gartner believes that it will be sold 41.5 million units.

The christmas season celebrates tomorrow one of their most important days, the Black Friday, which should boost sales. And that should have the electronics among its best-selling products.

So what create the consultant Gartner whose vice president for research, Annette Zimmermann, explains that “the consumer goods industry, including vendors of electronic devices, expected that Black Friday is one of the days of larger purchases of the calendar year, in addition to being an indicator of the holiday gifts most popular, 2017,”. In this sense, “brands and retailers will offer a variety of excellent deals on electronic devices”, says Zimmermann.

“Those who we hope to attract more consumers will be headphones, tablets, bracelets of fitness, smartphone and tv”, explains this expert. “we Also hope that the smartwatches, speakers with a capacity of VPA and headphones smart boost the demand”.

Here he highlights the case of the Apple Watch, which you should see your demand grows following the launch of an improved Apple Watch Series 3, both in the united States as in Europe.

The proposal from Apple is a leader in terms of smartwatches, despite the fact that there are many other participants known as Samsung, Huawei, LG or Lenovo. In total, Gartner believes that this year will be sold for 41.5 million of smartwatches. For his part, wristbands will reach 44 million. Will have to wait until 2019 for the clocks ahead in units sold to the bracelets.

Together all wearables, Gartner estimates sales 16.7% higher this year than in 2016, with 310,4 million of devices. Meanwhile, the sales of smartphones will increase 4.9 % to reach 1.570 million.