Seven days. That’s what remains for Black Friday 2020 , which this year falls on November 27, .

This American-born tradition, celebrated just after Thanksgiving and marking the start of the Christmas sales drive, has now become a prominent event on the calendar of shoppers and merchants around the world. world.

Spain is no stranger to Black Friday. Discounts for products and services start earlier and earlier and some stores have advanced to the 2020 edition and have already started with the sales.

This edition will undoubtedly be conditioned by the coronavirus pandemic . It is foreseeable that online purchases will gain strength to avoid trips to physical stores and avoid contact with other people, thus limiting the risk of contagion.

But the economic impact of the health crisis should also be felt. Financial uncertainty, business closures and unemployment raise a reasonable doubt as to whether the normal transaction volume will continue this year.

Prudent consumers

The majority of Spanish consumers (73%) will buy during Black Friday, according to a study by . Yet a quarter say they don’t need anything this year or prefer to control spending.

The situation that is being experienced with COVID-19 is taking its toll on part of the population and there are people who will make purchases in a more planned way, although there are discounts.

In fact, the same study finds that at the moment 86% of Spaniards are more prudent with their purchases than in the past. The crisis forces savings and gives rise to a new type of consumer, less dominated by impulses .

If they maintain this containment capacity, in the end 47% will make a purchase if they find a great deal, which means that sellers will have to work hard to get their attention, and 39% will limit themselves to buy what you need actually.

It seems that just over 1 in 10 (13%) will take advantage of Black Friday to get a Christmas gift. And it is that the very celebration of the holidays this year is on the way to being very different from what we are used to.

The technological offer

Technology will be in the spotlight. 66% of those surveyed by Celside Insurance and Ipsos Digital , who have published their own report on Black Friday 2020, will go for devices .

In the list of most coveted gadgets are webcams , headphones and speakers , all of them products to build the growing work and home study environment.

Other objects of desire are smartphones , tablets and computers , in addition to game consoles and electric scooters. A third of people will look for devices to telework and a fifth, to guarantee their children’s connection to online classes .

37% of Spaniards will worry about the security of their devices and will ensure the technological devices that they buy during Black Friday. Or at least that’s what they declare.

Beyond technology and other options such as clothing accessories, cosmetics and household products, this year hydroalcoholic masks and gels are on the shopping lists. Meanwhile, reservations for travel and cultural and leisure activities are falling.

More eCommerce

The estimated cost for each Spaniard for Black Friday 2020 is 100-200 euros . At least 62% of those consulted anticipate it. In addition, 76% expect to end up saving just that amount, between 100 and 200 euros.

It is men who will invest the largest amounts of budget and those who will focus more on technology. Although they are the ones who use the mobile more to make their purchases.

Celside Insurance and Ipsos Digital resolve that 81% of those who will buy for Black Friday will do so in internet stores. These operations will be managed mainly by the computer, although 21% will take place through the mobile.

Online purchases will be imposed in the 2020 edition, being 22% above those of 2019. And payment by card will prevail over other options., for its part, claims the role of local commerce. Up to 35% of your interviewees will buy both online and in a physical store. Of course, the information search process will be digital. This means that businesses without an online presence will lose sales because their catalog will not be known.