The social network has repeated itself during the second quarter of 2017 the number of active monthly users in the first quarter: 328 million. Yes, compared to last year, representing an increase of 5 %.

The social network Twitter entered 574 million dollars during the last quarter that has been completed. This is the second quarter of its fiscal year 2017. And these 574 million represent a fall 5% year on year.

In the chapter of benefits, Twitter still having losses. And are higher than a year ago. If in the Q2 of 2016 the net loss in terms of GAAP was 107 million, or 0.15 dollars per share, now rises to 116 million, or 0.16 dollars per share. In terms of not GAAP has earned 56 million dollars in net income ($0.08 per share).

The positive part of the results comes from the users. The average for the quarter active monthly users has been 328 million of people. This represents a growth of 5 % compared to the same period of the previous year. Although if you compare it with the Q1, the figure remains the same 328 million.

At the level of daily activity, your community has grown 12% year-on-year, and there have now been three straight quarters of double-digit growth, as it has sought to highlight its CEO, Jack Dorsey.

“We are proud of the product improvements that we are making continue to increase its overall contribution to the growth of Twitter”, has comentado Dorsey.

“The use of monthly active (MAU) increased 5 % year-on-year, and the daily use active (DAU) increased by 12% year-on-year, marking the third consecutive quarter of double-digit growth”, has said specifically the steering. “We are strengthening our execution, which gives us the confidence that the improvements of our products will continue to contribute to significant increases in the daily use active”, indicated, before adding that he and his team want to “to make Twitter the best place to see and share what is happening, where you can see every side and perspective,”.

To evaluate the results, the COO of the company, Anthony Noto, indicates that “we are offering more value than ever to the advertisers” precisely because that “double-digit growth in the daily active”, along with “improvements in the relevance of the ads and better prices,”.

“We are proud of our strong growth in video, which continued to be our ad format that is larger and more growth, and we receive a positive response from advertisers around the video content, premium live”, he tells of Noto, which ensures that “we continue to concentrate on increasing the income”.