The confidence of the shareholders of Ubisoft has declined after introducing cuts in the income expected for the next few months at the signature gala. The actions have fallen 29% after the reduction of the forecast of the downregulated 2,190 million euros to 1.450 million euros today. It has also reduced, according to Bloomberg, what to expect in operating income of the firm.

Ubisoft has not hesitated to point out the "sharp downward revision" to the newly released Ghost Recon, Breakpoint, and The Division 2, who have not met the expectations of the signature. With the aim not to repeat mistakes of the past, the firm has not hesitated to delay the release of Gods & Monsters Rainbow Six Quarantine, Skull and Bones and the new Watch Dogs Legions, which helps to explain the reduction planned for the coming months.

From Paris does not give up: Ubisoft has confirmed that by 2020 there will be two games of their great sagas. A movement which, without doubt, would help him to regain credit lost with its shareholders.