Vodafone Super WiFi will be available from April 15 for fiba customers, with the aim of expanding coverage in all rooms.


The Vodafone operator will make available to its private, autonomous and small business customers the Vodafone Super WiFi intelligent connectivity service as of April 15.

This service is part of its digital home proposal to optimize the experience in devices connected to the Vodafone One fiber. It allows to extend the coverage in the different rooms of the house and improve the signal of automatically, according to the needs of each device, with intelligent extenders that connect to the broadband router . The network is managed from the cloud, learns and adapts to external and internal changes. Thus, you can switch between channels for a stronger signal and also act against interference.

Vodafone Super WiFi will be able to use an application for customers to manage the wireless network when it comes to monitoring devices, speed tests or giving access to guests.

Customers who have fiber packages with 1 Gbps of speed can enjoy this service for free , which includes the customized installation of up to two extenders. Those with other plans can access it for 6 euros per month. Meanwhile, those who want to customize the service with more extenders can do so for 3 euros per month for each one.