Technology professionals have been the most demanded profiles in the labor market for several years Spanish. In fact, experts speak of a certain ‘gap’ between the supply and demand of ICT professionals, which is why these profiles are trading higher.

In addition, the particular conditions in which the 2020 financial year was developed by COVID-19, which also extend to this year, have increased the needs of companies to face the digital transformation, strengthen their cybersecurity, migrate to the cloud, sell online, etc. And this has further strengthened the employability prospects of technology professionals and the struggle between companies to attract talent.

Taking into account the scenario in which we operate, the consulting firm Hays identifies the ICT profiles that organizations will demand the most in 2021. First, the implementation of teleworking and the use of applications in the cloud, increasing the cyber perimeter of organizations, has triggered the need for cybersecurity experts . «The increase in cybercrime implies a sharp increase in spending and in demand for professionals specialized in cybersecurity,» says Julien Mur, senior manager of IT, Digital and eCommerce at Hays.

Migration to the cloud is one of the trends that will mark the evolution of the labor market. HAYS emphasizes that the pandemic has forced many companies to seek cloud solutions to enable hybrid work. However, this transition had to be done against the clock, so now we have to put everything in order. «Companies need to make sure that their systems are robust, secure and efficient,» says Mur. Thus, engineers and architects in the cloud will be two of the most sought-after technology professionals this year, mainly those specialized in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The consultancy also foresees an increase in the demand for data scientists , since digitization has increased the volume of data that companies have at their disposal. In this way, they need professionals capable of analyzing and interpreting complex data, in order to improve decision-making and suggest appropriate solutions based on the available information.

Other technology professionals that companies will seek are DevOps engineers , who are in charge of software production and the identification and resolution of inefficiency areas. “In the last five years, DevOps teams have grown 45%. And this trend will increase even more ”, assures Mur.

Companies will also require software developers , who will face the transition and adaptation of companies to a digital business model. Hays indicates that these profiles used to work primarily for technology companies and organizations, but the coronavirus crisis has revealed that any sector needs technology to function, so software developers will play a crucial role.

Change management experts will also be in high demand. The HAYS expert points out that the new trends unleashed by the pandemic «force companies to adapt and manage changes successfully if they want to prosper.» Mur explains that change managers «make a successful transition possible, designing and implementing solutions that allow everything analog to go to the digital world.»

The Hays expert considers that “it will be a challenge to fill all the new vacancies, due to the talent gap that exists worldwide between the demand for qualified tech profiles and the number of professionals available ”.