At Sage they know perfectly how distributed technology through specialized modules helps structure and organize any type of business. And this is where innovation plays a fundamental role.

For Pilar Fernández, Product Marketing Manager at Sage , keeping any risk of incidents in the system at bay must go through an exhaustive control in the supply chain. Either from when the product is acquired or a service is offered, through the entire production process and attention to demand, until the good leaves the warehouses and reaches the customer’s hands.

Q- What exactly is ERP 360 software?

A- An ERP works as the backbone of any business. For example, when we talk about logistics and distribution companies, a key sector in times of pandemic, this type of technology allows companies to organize all the activities of acquisition, production and distribution of the goods that a company makes available to its customers. .

Obviously, there can always be loose ends, a common situation if we are talking about a large production chain. But when we refer to SMEs, regardless of the sector in which they operate, the risk indices are high due, among other reasons, to the fact that these loose ends have much more impact on all departments.

The result is a domino effect that can create critical gaps in business management. Therefore, having a comprehensive management program such as ERP 360 is vital for the proper functioning and survival of companies, especially if we are talking about small and medium-sized companies.

Q- Why does ERP 360 software make it easier for companies?

A- I refer again to the case of distribution and logistics companies. Supply Chain Management, for example, is a key figure in this type of company, since it is the maximum responsible for the correct functioning of all phases of the chain. This professional is something like the great manager, but he is still human, and in order to control all phases of production he needs first-rate technological support such as that offered by ERP 360. In the case of Sage 200 Advanced Edition, It also has a proactive assistant, Alisio, who understands and adapts to the way you work, keeps you up to date with news and alerts; so you can focus on growing your business.

Know how to adapt to changes

Q- What role does the pandemic play in promoting this type of technology?

A- We all know that COVID-19, in addition to having a tremendous human impact on society, has also swept commercially. And not only because consumers have changed their consumption habits, but also because, as a consequence of the confinements, teleworking has acquired all the prominence as a tool for the survival of companies.
It is at this point where technology enters the picture. And it must be done in the form of ERP 360 if we want to control all the departments and avoid that there is no risk of incidence, especially when we work remotely. Ultimately, it’s about simplifying management in tough times.

Q- So, the challenge of retail, does it go through digitization?

A- That’s it. The market trend was already, before the pandemic, digitization. But the irruption of the coronavirus has multiplied its presence in all types of companies, which are transforming against