A survey from Polycom to discover the major benefits that arise after a foster a culture of greater work flexibility in firms.

being Able to work from anywhere (for example, from home), it is a necessity for many people. And it can become a huge advantage for businesses.

The results of a survey of Polycom on trends of labour flexibility concludes that, in those cases in which the employees are able to choose from, where do they go to work, both productivity and the ability to work in a team “significantly improved”. To do this, you just need to use the technology. For example, to the video communications.

“we Predicted that 2016 would be the ‘year of the video’ and it is satisfactory to know that people are really seeing the benefits of working as well”, says Jim Kruger, the CMO of Polycom. Now, your survey gives to understand that “companies should offer tools of video collaboration to facilitate the human contact that people precise”.

“The organizations that are able to facilitate flexible work practices and collaboration tools be adequate, will be the winners at the time of recruit and retain the best talent”, warns Kruger. Professionals will feel more satisfied, and be able to reconcile more easily work and personal life.

And, without prejudice to performance. “There is the belief that workers in the remote are disconnected from the rest of the team, however, this study” Polycom “it demonstrates that they are more sociable and proactive in forging strong relationships”, indicates Jeanne Meister, partner of Future Workplace.

“The new technological tools that facilitate communication and collaboration really are motivating to the workers to pick up the phone, find time to look in person and create lasting bonds”, says Meister. “This is a positive aspect of remote work is rarely talked about”.

What do the numbers say? What are the benefits that they are seeing the companies that promote the flexibility and telework? What is happening in Europe? What we see through images:


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More productivity
There is almost unanimous. 98% of respondents by Polycom believes that productivity is increased if the company allows you to work from any place other than the office of a lifetime. The reason is that each person will opt for to work from the place that feels the most efficient. And you can be.
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