it is Also in decline, the contribution of the iPhone to their total sales: below 26 000 million during the last quarter.

revenues of Apple grew during the last quarter, but only a 1 % year-on-year. The company that runs Tim Cook has reported quarterly sales by value of 53 800 million dollars for the third quarter of its fiscal year 2019. Three-fifths of its sales are made outside of their country of origin, united States.

Meanwhile, earnings Apple will have contracted.

Fell 7 % to 2,18 dollars action during the same period.

In any case, Cook highlights that is “the best June quarter to date” for your business, “driven by the historical record on income for Services, for an accelerated growth in Wearables, a strong performance on iPad and Mac, and a significant improvement in the trend of the iPhone”.

The segmento of Services rose by 11 500 million dollars in sales. The category of Wearables, Home & Accesories exceeded 5 500 million. The iPad went from 5 000 million. And the Mac surpassed the 5 800 million. Remarkably, the contribution of the iPhone is in decline, with less than 26 000 million dollars.

With “promising results in all of our geographic segments”, the CEO of Apple says that the giant of Cupertino are “confident in what is to come” in a 2019 “exciting, with important releases in all of our platforms, new services, and several new products” he says.