WhatsApp, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, McDonald’s, Wallapop, Amazon, Candy Crush Saga and a banking app. These are the most frequent applications on our smartphones.

A smartphone can be as useful as the apps we have installed. It is estimated that we carry around 80 applications on our phones. However, most remain only installed a few months, eliminating them when we see that we do not use them.

Everyone can have their preferences, depending on the priority use they give to their device. However, there are some apps that are almost essential and that stay in the bowels of almost all devices.

Smartme Analytics has just presented a new wave of the EGMobile study, corresponding to the first quarter of 2019, where it offers information about the market share of each application in the main categories.

WhatsApp takes the palm among the communication apps, with a market share of 94.8%. That is, practically all users have installed this application. It also highlights the presence of Gmail (68.7% market share), in third place, after the native mobile call app (72.7%). Far away are apps like Telegram (18.9%) or Skype (4.5%). 97% of users have a communication application, compared to 96.2% in the last quarter of 2018.

social media apps enjoy great penetration, reaching 92% of mobile phones (91% at the end of last year). YouTube (80.3%) and Facebook (75.1%) stand out, although Instagram is gaining strength (62.2%).

retail apps also increase their presence, up to a share of 62% (60.1% at the end of 2018). Wallapop (45.9%) upsets Amazon Shopping (44.2%) in the rankings. And behind it already stalks AliExpress (36.5%). The rise of Lidl Plus (11.4% share), which improves by 32.6, is striking % your figures compared to the previous quarter.

The scope of finance is also growing. These types of apps are already present in the 61% of smartphones (57.3% in the previous quarter). The CaixaBank app (18.8%) takes away the leadership from BBVA (18.2%). The ‘top 3’ is completed with ING (13.9%). In addition to the applications of traditional financial institutions, the presence of apps such as Fintonic (9.6%), Bnext (7.9%) or Samsung Pay (7.7%), stands out in sixth, seventh and eighth place, respectively. In addition, Samsung Pay improves 26.2% compared to the fourth quarter of 2018.

games apps also have a lot of prominence, since they are installed in 60.3% of smartphones (57.9% three months before). Preferences are widely distributed, but the ranking is headed by Candy Crush Saga (11.2%), followed by Q12 Trivia (9.5%), Pokémon GO (7.5%). However , all three worsen their records (more than -10% in all three cases) in this quarter. On the contrary, Gardenscapes (7.4%) is in fourth place, thanks to a 21.3% growth quarterly.

Among the ‘telecos’ apps, stands out Mi Vodafone (27.9%), ahead of Mi Orange (19%) and Mi Movistar (14.4%). Simyo ( 8.9%) and Mi Yoigo (8.6%) lead among the OMV. The penetration of this type of apps remains stable, at 30.5% (30.4% three months before).

Netflix (42%) sweeps the TV and film category, scoring a 23.9% rise in its records the first three months of the year. Amazon Prime Video (15.4%) and Movistar + (13.3%) are located in the following steps, snatching third place from MiTele (11.2%). It is worth noting the rise of HBO (5th place, 10% of quota), which improves their data 26.6% quarter-on-quarter. Also grows with strength Megadede (7th place) and 8.1% of share), an improvement by 24.6%. In total, this category of applications is in 29.5% of the mobile phones (28.6% in the previous quarter).

apps newspaper and radio are present in 29.5% of the smartphones (28.6% in the previous period). is Upday (28,5%) is the undisputed leader in the category. After it, and in a very narrow margin, are placed Briefing (10,8%), Brand (10,3%) e Ivoox (10,3%).

applications of restaurants and delivery come to a share of 24.8% (compared to 22.3 per cent earlier). The burgers Mcdonald’s (44,6%) and Burger King (35%) lead the ranking, followed by Just Eat (by 16.2%). Outside of the ‘top 10’ is situated Domino’s Pizza (11th place, with a share of 4.2%), but this quarter grew 27.2%.

Waylet (20.3 per cent) topped the rating of the apps transport, which worsen the penetration in his whole, with a market share of 20.3% (22.3% in the last quarter of 2018). is Cabify (9,6%) still in second place, but suffers a significant decrease (-19,3%). is Moovit (9.3%) and Uber (8.4 per cent) occupy the third and fourth step of the podium.

Privalia (23%) leads the apps of fashion, even worse 27.4% penetration in this quarter. is Vinted (by 20.8%) enters with force in qualifying, storming to second place y beating H&M (of 20.1%). This type of apps has a share of 18.8% (18.6% in the three months before).

Among the apps of travel, Booking (37,6%) away in the first place. Driven by the arrival of the summer, grew by 15.3% quarter-on-quarter. Also significantly improved BlaBlaCar (+14,8%), reaching a share of 14% and taking over the second place, that was held by minube (12,7%). Also grew a lot, the presence of Airbnb (+47,6%), although its market share (a 12.4%) is far from the leader. In addition, this category of applications has reduced its penetration to 15.4% (16.3% in the previous three months).

finally, in the drawer disaster of other apps outside of these categories, highlight Spotify (18.8 per cent), InfoJobs (9,8%), Shazam (9,3%), S Health (7%) and My Fit (6,2%).