So says Ericsson, which promises to enable this technology for fifth generation all over the world during 2019.

The commercial launch of 5G is coming. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona are already seeing the first proposals of the manufacturers of smartphone.

And also in this congress, Ericsson has been claimed that will connect the 5G at the global level during this 2019. So he has promised to his president and ceo, Börje Ekholm. The company, currently, has established commercial agreements with a dozen clients that are service providers and has also announced 42 memoranda of understanding. Your networks 5G being deployed by the united States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

from here, Ekholm points to the importance of being the first to adopt the new technology, with benefits as the use of augmented reality and virtual in a matter of games and sports broadcasts. This officer also explains that the 5G will drive the industry into areas such as the mobile robotics and electric cars and autonomous.

“consumers and businesses are waiting for the 5G”, says Ekholm, who insists that “we are changing really is the 5G in the world in 2019,”.

“Our exclusive Ericsson Spectrum Sharing is the most economically viable to introduce the 5G in the existing stripe, achieving an immediate coverage at the national level.

we Can mix dynamically traffic 4G and 5G in the same spectrum. Some said that this type of shared use of the spectrum was impossible. Was wrong!”, emphasizes the president of Ericsson, who says, “with the spectrum sharing, our customers have a real advantage of 5G”.

To move forward, Ericsson is also making acquisitions. The own Ekholm has announced that Ericsson has released for the purchase of the business of antennas and filters for mobile networks Kathrein. In addition to technology, Ericsson will gain with this operation some 4,000 professionals specialised in R & D, production and sales.

we Will have to wait to see how it progresses 5G. But, according to data from a research of Ericsson, 1 of every 3 users of smartphone will “immediately or within a period of six months” to service providers who connect to the 5G.