According to ESET, the number of families of this ‘malware’ that hijacks computers and their variants grew by 42% in our country during 2017.

The ransomware continues doing of theirs. At the global level, and in Spain.

This malware that hijacks computers to ask for a ransom in exchange for its release to increase its presence in our country along of 2017.

According to data provided by ESET, the number of families of ransomware and its variants grew by 42 % compared to 2016. Went from 228 to 324.

At the global level came to identify with 1,190 variants, so that a 27 % of all the ransomware had activity here.

among all the families highlights TorrentLocker, which starred 50.4 % of the ransomware detected last year in Spain. Behind appear other names like TeslaCrypt, CryptoWall, Crysis or Cerber, as reflected in the first of the graphics that accompanies these lines and offers ESET.

it should also Be noted that Spain is the second country of the European Union with more detection of ransomware, behind Italy, as I could see in the second graphic.

Image: ESET
Image: ESET