In total, the market for Ethernet switches has increased its revenues by 7.4 % to reach to 6,750 million during the third quarter.

The market of Ethernet switches recorded a good third quarter in general terms. Improved 7.4% of its revenue during those three months until you reach the to 6,750 millions of dollars.

Although there have been different results according to region, such as unveils IDC:. The most powerful in terms of growth was in central and eastern Europe, especially countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary, with a growth of 16.6 %. Both the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan western Europe were up over 12 % improvement. And Japan did a 11.4 %. While, the increase in Latin america was 7.7 % and north America was up with an increase of 3.4 %. For their part, Middle East and Africa experienced a decline of 1.2 %.

there are Also differences according to the type of ports.

What more was sold were-port 1Gb Ethernet (105,9 million), representing 66.6 % of the total. In addition, they provide 42.6 % of revenues. The Ethernet switches 100Gb already enter 608 million dollars quarterly, which is 9% of total revenues compared to 3.6 % a year ago. And the Ethernet 25Gb/50gb has reached the 85 million dollars in the Q3. It should also be noted that the 10Gb are on the rise, unlike the 40Gb, affected by the pull of other options.

For sellers, Cisco, accounting for more than half of the market of Ethernet switches (its current share is of the 56,7 %). The following classifieds are Huawei, HPE, Arista Networks, Juniper, and H3C.