most of those messages are directed to the employees, who are the targets of cybercriminals in front of customers and business partners.

In the last quarter of 2018, e-mail fraud against financial services companies increased by 60 %.

So reveals a report by Proofpoint in comparison with what took place during the same period of the previous year. A report also detailed that the attacks are addressed to the people, especially to the employees. Virtually 4 out of every 10 e-mails sent from the domains of financial companies between the months of October and December 2018, seemed suspicious or were categorized as » non-verified. And, of them, 68 % was directed to employees, above percentages to customers and business partners.

More than half (56 %) of financial services businesses that were targeted during the quarter had more than five employees affected by attacks BEC.

usually, these attacks by email will produce between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. weekdays, especially on Mondays.

“Although e-mail fraud is not a threat exclusive of financial services companies”, awards Ryan Kalember, executive vice president of cyber security Strategy for Proofpoint, “the employees of this industry are key to the crooks to get income very attractive. If a user clicks on a malicious link, you can expose an entire company and their clients to considerable risk, as well as cause significant economic losses”.

“it Is imperative for organizations to prioritize the implementation of solutions that protect against cyber-attacks, especially in cases of phishing or domain” advises Kalember, “in addition to training its employees so that they can identify and report the threats that come through e-mail, social media and websites”.