A new report from Aruba states that SMEs in Europe prefer a digital job but lack a clear strategy to achieve it.


As can be seen from the data published by Aruba in its latest study, despite the vast majority of small and medium-sized business leaders in Europe are willing to integrate digital and mobility technologies in their workplace, they don’t have a clear strategy in that direction.

The report also ensures that 66% of SME managers consider it a strategic priority to evolve into a digital workplace by optimizing their cloud solutions, applications and mobile devices.

The data collected by Aruba also suggests that 26% of respondents plan to invest in a digital workspace over the next year.

Regarding the barriers to bet on it , 50% of SMEs refer to data security , while 30% point to cost as a key issue.

Finally, note that 30% of small and medium enterprises are investing in technology aimed at optimizing the mobility of the workforce , and another 20% indicated that they have plans to put in March strategies that help mobility.