Until August have already been handled more than 103,000 incidents in front of more than 115,000 around 2016.

The celebration of INTERTIC, the first Technological Forum cross-Sectoral organized by the confederation CONETIC, left different conclusions.

on the one hand, has been delving into the benefits for smes digital transformation. But in this event also discussed safety and consequences of an internet of things increasingly present, but also lacking in protection.

what is it that has been revealed? In the first place, it is believed that 2017 will be a record year for the security issues. And, more specifically, to management.

Not surprisingly, until August would already be managing more than 103,000 incidents vs.  more than 115,000 around 2016.

Here you should see the increase of connected devices, unsafe. Also are impacting the own advances in the early detection of incidents.

The experts believe that el expenditure cybersecurity in Spain will increase by 13 %, more than the average european.

In this regard, it should be noted that the industry of cyber security of our country, already imported in the past year approximately 603 million euros in products and services, and exported 290 million to places like the united States, the United Kingdom, France or Germany.

At the global level, the projected expenditure in cybersecurity should exceed to 79,000 million euros.