So you think Juniper Research, which highlights the role of applications such as WeChat and Facebook.

The users of domestic wire transfers mobile will not fail to grow this year. In fact, compared to 1.700 million in 2016 is expected to reach this year to 2,500 million.

As indicated by Juniper Research, which specifies that the proportion by value of transactions on the P2P home shall be 65 %.

it will look at the applications of a social nature, such as WeChat and Facebook, but also other services such as Apple Pay Cash and Zelle Pay.

“it Was inevitable that players such as Apple to follow in the footsteps of WeChat Pay and AliPay, and offer a universal set of paid features that integrate P2P along with features non-contact and ticketing existing”, comenta in this regard, the researcher Nitin Bhas.

Juniper Research believes that Apple Pay Cash will evolve slowly at the beginning. But by 2020, their annual transactions should be counted as 1,000 million. Another actor to consider is Google.

users of mobile services in the style of M-PESA, Orange Money and MTN Money also reaching around 1,000 million within a couple of years.

Before that, this 2018 it will become the year of social payments, according to experts.