And 65% think that the European Union has not worked hard enough to regulate the power of American technology.


European citizens are calling for new elections to elect representatives between May 23 and 26.

For this reason, Harris Interactive wanted to make an evaluation and see what the opinion of voters is about the European Union’s policies on technology. Especially, in relation to the internet.

The research firm concludes that people want to increase the regulation of giants like Google and Facebook . 64% of respondents ( 65% in the case of Spain ) believe that the Union has not worked as it should in recent years to regulate the power of US technology.

And even more people, 74% of Europeans and 75% of Spaniards, say that these companies do not play fair because when they speak on a subject prioritize the protection of their economic interests over public interests and the rights of Internet users.

Percentages continue to rise as more questions are asked. 80% of citizens (85% of Spaniards) want the European authorities to act so that artists and content creators have guaranteed remuneration if their works are distributed online.

84% ( 87% in Spain) would agree to introduce a new tax regarding the income of the technology giants operating in the Old Continent. < / p>