30 years Ago now, the computers went from issue ‘beep’ as the only sound, to allow its users to listen to voices and sounds several. Sound Blaster’s birthday and we remember his story.

sound cards Sound Blaster manufactured by the company Creative Labs, were a before and an after in the PC market is now 30 years of age. While everyone is talking about Microsoft as the main responsible that the computers arrived in homes in mass, we have to thank the cards Sound Blaster that these devices giants occupying our desks in the 80’s and 90’s had quality sound.  This ability also helped make it more attractive video games and multimedia contents.

Who was a hobbyist or amateur to computers in the 80’s and early 90’s may remember that the sound of the computers is limited to a mythical ‘beep’, something like a beep, which reached us by means of the code «ASCII» number seven. And in 1989 came the revolution: suddenly users could hear voices and music coming out of their computers. And it was thanks to Sound Blaster.

Now, other brands have gained traction in this segment of sound, and Creative continues to on the market, making cards, high-definition sound for games, as has been his latest release, or bars of sound for games multi-channel, as we will see in this photogallery. He also made MP3’s of the range Zen, when these little devices were shown off in the market long before smartphones.

With this gallery of photos, Silicon I recalls those great moments in which the PC began to resemble what we are now and we look at the evolution of the company, as well as your current situation.



Sound Blaster



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Creative Technology


  Creative Technology Limited is a multimedia products manufacturer based in Singapore. It was founded by Sim Wong Hoo in 1981.Began as a shop to repair the PC and in those years, Sim created a memory board to expand the Apple II. The success of the brand came in the late 80's with their first sound cards.
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