The agency responsible for regulating the game in United Kingdom , Gambling Commission, has published a new report focused on boys and girls aged 11 to 16 where it places loot boxes as one of the key elements to consider today. In fact, he warns that 31% of young people have used this controversial practice of the videogame industry on occasion.

In this same study , made by Ipsos Mori with a sample of 2,685 people, it is also stated that 54% of children of this age are aware that paying, or using some other element of the game, new content can be unlocked. This percentage is higher among males, 64%, than females, 43%. Likewise, up to 3% claim to have bet with skins.

In this way the issue of loot boxes, usual source of news these last months, it has become another of the points to be taken into account by the Gambling Commission. This same association signed against the loot boxes with several European associations a few months ago. Recently we have also reported in 3D Games that Square Enix has been forced to withdraw three games in Belgium .