And a 17 per cent would give up their ‘smartphone’ in exchange for a permanent privacy.

The privacy concerns of the spaniards, who would be willing to sacrifice some of their habits to get it back or keep it.

This is what emerges from the Global Report on Privacy of Kaspersky, which explains that the fears that are around the digital privacy and how you can use the personal data on the internet they can cause anxiety.

Nearly 9 in 10 (87 %) Spanish transfer data to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in exchange for having a space in which to express themselves, communicate with friends or find out about today. Those would be benefits associated with the use of social networks. Another advantage is to be able to register new services with the own profile of the social network. And, another thing very different, the loss of control over the privacy.

More than 4 in 10 (41 %) say that they would low networks if this mode had their digital privacy guaranteed forever.

Here it should be noted that 12% of the Spanish cede your personal information to register you in contests or participating in games such as “what famous person are you most like? or “What is your favorite food?”, according to Kaspersky, which indicates that “today the social networks have reached a point in which the quality of the user experience is directly proportional to the amount of information that is willing to give, whether it be financial information, geolocation, on your pattern of purchase, your food preferences or your situation sentimental. Therefore, it is not strange that such a feeling of nostalgia for the privacy loss can be rising”.

“In the not too distant past we shared our private information with social networking services in exchange for numerous benefits, without even thinking about the potential threats or their consequences. However, now that they have released numerous data breaches throughout the world, users are increasingly aware of the risks”, says Alfonso Ramirez, general director of Kaspersky in Iberia.

“Keep safe the personal data through the regular update of the keys of access to social networks and the use of security solutions, will serve to generate greater confidence among consumers about the safety of their data online”, recommended Ramírez.

beyond social networks, there are Spanish people who also abdicate to the mobile phone. is Nearly a fifth (17 %) is shown ready to say goodbye to your smartphone if that leads to permanent privacy.