this year is called to be the best christmas campaign for the e-commerce in recent times, according to forecasts made by Bluumi.

The forecasts that exist for the christmas campaign of e-commerce are positive. In accordance with the technological Bluumi, which is based on data from the Observatory of Digital Transformation Mobile, the 2017 going to be the best campaign of recent times.

In particular, it is believed that will produce a growth of more than 30 % compared with 2016.  And “especially important will be the data of the companies that have taken the leap into the trade through mobile applications”, indicate from Bluumi, that warns you that they are the majority (over 65 %) users who are comfortable with the experience of buying from the smartphone. In addition, a 90 % repeat.

Remarkable is the activity of the internet users between 25 and 40 years. Bluumi says that 4 out of 5 spaniards are in that age bracket will make all of their holiday shopping via eCommerce.

“The Spanish consumer already has a high degree of confidence in the online stores and the shortage of time, the convenience of home delivery and the easy search of purchases through the internet favor the use”, pointing from Bluumi, also “for the purchase of Christmas”.

“mobile devices have revolutionized the way in which consumers explore and search for products and purchases. They are able to perform research on the most important purchases for them. In this sense, especially important is the companies that are capable of helping these consumers in their research mission”, deepens Álvaro Millán, director of Bluumi.

“mobile”, mr. Millan concludes, “it is the main current tool for research, shopping, and so the one who wins this advantage to win the consumer” at a time when mobile apps seem to be taking the lead. Bluumi ensures that companies with application will be sold up to 15% more during the next Christmas campaign.