The commitment to digital is accelerating in companies after the coronavirus pandemic that forced millions of people to be confined and teleworking measures to be implemented. In addition to technology, you need people with digital skills .

According to data from consulting firm Michael Page , the hiring of digital strategy services shot up 30.4% between the months of March and May, while that of SEO positioning services made 36.94%. At the same time, the number of new web applications increased by 45.6% and the share of eCommerce by 41.64%.

“Companies, both large and small, have understood the need to innovate to face this scenario where selling online is key to survival. Therefore, the demand for digital profiles has increased in recent months and we expect this trend to continue to rise until the end of the year, «says Víctor Maymó, manager of PageGroup.

«Now,» he says, «it is important for companies to understand that these candidates seek flexible, inclusive entities and that they want to take risks and innovate in order to display all the creativity that characterizes them.»

Specifically, from Michael Page they point to five essential profiles to shape a quality digital team .

One is the Digital Marketing Manager or CMO, the creative person in charge of designing and executing the marketing plan. Must be communicative, business oriented and have two skills such as flexibility and a critical spirit.

Second is the SEO / SEM Specialist . An SEO manager is responsible for optimizing the positioning of web pages, while the SEM manager should focus on advertising the services and products sold on search engines. In both cases, they stand out for their critical thinking, strategic ability, motivation and adaptability.

Another required profile is CRM Manager , who must define business strategies and customer loyalty and supervise segmentation. He is able to solve problems and negotiate. It is characterized by strategic thinking.

The eCommerce Manager will have to direct and coordinate the online store to promote results in the shortest possible time, and also minimizing the resources invested. Leadership and innovation, strategic, business and analytical thinking and customer orientation are its hallmarks.

Finally, we must not forget the Digital Analyst , which implements, collects and processes the data to generate knowledge and guide the business. As the name of his position indicates, he has analytical capacity, in addition to critical and strategic thinking, flexibility and communication skills.