The activity of cybercriminals does not cease for a vacation, how to avoid getting trapped with defenses low?

The summer is the time of the holiday by excellence and a lot of people tend to let your guard down for a few days to rest. But not the criminals, who continue on with their malicious activity regardless of the time of year.

This means that companies must ensure their devices and their data is also from June to September.

To do this, Panda Security has published a list of five steps must-haves that any business should follow, starting with “promote a culture of cybersecurity” between the employees themselves, who must be trained and be able to recognize fraud and attempts of infection. And is that the best defense is prevention. This will help small and big gestures such as not to connect to insecure networks when working outside of the office.

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it is Also beneficial to “to have during all the summer period with experts, IT” that can be appealed if the attackers pass the barriers of protection and an attack occurs or a data gap.

In any case, before reaching that end there are “make sure that the computers and softwares of labour use are up to date on your latest version”. And, of course, applying security patches released by the manufacturers as soon as possible.

In the summer it should be “expanding the perimeter of protection” in order to open it to the cloud, the practice of BYOD, and teleworking. This is especially important because in this time more people are working from devices and connections that are not the usual.

finally, Panda Security called “invest in tools of protection-leading” and out of postures traditional to face advanced threats and novel. Cybercriminals don’t rest in the summer… and do not cease to innovate.