From provide code to give lectures, there are multiple pathways to help free software projects to move.

If in your day-to-day in the office you take advantage of the work that the free software community done, using a content management system that you will not descuadra your annual accounts, an operating system of those considered minority, an office suite away from the big brands, a mail service alternative, a browser or any other technological product that supports modifications with total freedom,

you could consider to reward the effort performed by its developers. You could contribute to your cause, beyond choose to work with the product that they have created. It is not an obligation, but a responsibility that you should consider. Any person in a particular way, by your account, and companies as entities with their own social responsibility have the resources necessary to contribute their grain of sand to free software. All over the world can assume the role of collaborator of a project. Also your company.

One of those projects is WordPress, on your head Matt Mullenweg said a couple of years ago that could be strengthened if companies are to devote themselves “the 5 % of their people to work on something that has to do with the core”. But… what to work on exactly what?, how? In this CMS, as in other free software projects, the possibilities are multiple. In we leave you some examples:

1. is Writing code. Participates in the creation of new versions along with the rest of developers who are already making a reality the project to which you want to give a little nudge more. When Mullenweg indicates that you can work on the core of a project, this includes developing it. Your company can arrange for that part of the template, assumes the development of a free software project to its objectives. If your company is large and generates substantial income, you will definitely be able to afford to release any of your employees for which, in practice, work in a free software project instead of save fidelity to one of your business divisions. If your company is small, you might let at least some of them put into practice their skills and to allocate a portion of their workday to give way to updates of the product that you choose, within your means. Even if it is one hour a week. Both ways of proceeding are investments valid. And is that whole contribution account.

2. is Translating. The world is increasingly globalized, and technology-aims to have global impact, however the language remains an obstacle to some ideas to have the visibility needed. Many free software projects are born in English. In this sense, your company will increase its potential if you get involved in the part of the translation. We speak not only of the translation of the interface of the product, but also of the documentation. The definition of the project, its requirements and specifications, the installation process, manuals, use cases… all this should be available in different languages. The more people you have the possibility of access to projects translated into Spanish, in this case, that was more likely to expand their base of end users. What if the translations are not the best I give? Then there are also options of contribution as participate in testing, finding bugs, reporting bugs, in answer to questions from other users… don’t close doors.

3. is Sponsored events. Or, directly, organizing them.The firms and foundations themselves that are behind the free software products that you use for your professional activity will seek to increase their popularity through events. Some of these events are about a specific tool and others are shared, about the area of ​​free software in general. Be that as it may, with them it is possible to convey to people what is being done in this technological field with closeness and ease. At least it will be easy when everything is already assembled. Your company can be an active part and sponsor these types of events, intervene as a partner and donate money. You can even explore other ways and get involved in the organization, putting your shoulder closer and giving more time to those workers willing to lend a hand, but for more «profane» causes. After all, someone has to distribute the accreditations, prepare the conference rooms, circulate the microphones among the attendees, answer their questions and distribute the catering.

4. Giving talks . Linked to the theme of the events are the talks themselves, in which of course you also have room. Speaking in front of interested public, and more or less expert, in the free software that your company already uses will serve to give details about its operation, explain its potential and highlight its benefits. Your workers can participate as speakers at conferences to explain what your experience with the free software chosen to date has been, the importance of the projects that support its existence and the importance of collaborating among all, in order to capture more followers. Your company may not have a pure and hard technological component, but it can still add value just by offering its vision and presenting itself as an example to follow for other corporations. Of course, the most technical professionals can give workshops and creative solutions so that others benefit from the knowledge you have.

5. Spreading the word . To contribute to free software, don’t hide. It is very good to develop and donate, but you should also lose your fear of telling what is being done within your company. Talk about what happens in your workspaces, with your computer equipment, with your software strategy, among your employees. For this, you do not even need to attend specialized conferences, but have initiative and tell it on your own. Use your corporate blog and your social media accounts to publicize your involvement at the free software level, taking advantage of the fact that the internet breaks down barriers and more people can listen to you in the online world than face to face. Dedicate a part of your website to explain your vision about this kind of solutions and the movement behind them so that Internet users who want to deepen the topic, do so. And show yourself open to dialogue and answer whoever asks for more information. With advertising you will also help.