Kaspersky Lab reveals that, in the last year, only 23.3% have detected a serious security incident during the first 24 hours.


A study by Kaspersky Lab highlights the security issues that still exist at the enterprise level.

Titled New threats, new mentality: being prepared for the risk in a world of complex attacks , this study reveals that targeted attacks are growing rapidly and that they mainly affect large companies, reaching 34.3%, which is seven points more than the average.

In Spain , the majority of respondents ( 65% ) believe that threats are increasing in sophistication . And also most ( 54% ) say that it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between generic attacks and complex attacks . The same percentage (54%) believes that at any time they will suffer a security breach (54%), and that companies are still not sure of what strategy they should follow, even when the respondent is an expert in IT security.

According to Kaspersky Lab, in the last year not even 1 in 4 Spanish companies were able to discover their most serious incident on the first day. The specific percentage is 23.3%. < / p>

This is worrying since an immediate detection would reduce the final cost of recovery.