These last few days, we discovered with astonishment a fun secret out of the camera into the fantastic God of War PS4. Thanks to a fan, who agreed to the free camera in the game, we check that The Unknown was falling through an abyss of inelegant way, so that in 3DJuegos we have encouraged them to recover some of these curiosities that we already saw in the past in other games. It is not something that can be done in all games, nor is it that all share secrets that the developers decided to leave it at that. However, perhaps there is some that never you have imagined.

Discover this kind of elements is the task of the users more conscientious, those who invest their good hours in explore the ins and outs of your favorite video game, analyzing every inch of the stage and looking at ways to go beyond what the original experience allows us to. Something similar to what happens with the speedruners and his search for glitches. Today, we show you some interesting details that typically have no means to discover.


Mirrors in Silent Hill 2 the second installment of The saga is considered one of the best video games of terror of all time. His arrival brought with it a significant leap in technical with respect to the chapter the original, and one of the prominent aspects were the reflexes. How he managed to get to that level? Well, as you can see in the image, doubling the amount of elements in the environment to which the mirror showing the opposite side.


Futurama, and your easter egg When you say easter egg, do so in a very literal way. It is one of large dimensions, initially hidden until it was discovered. The mystery is not its location, but the way of access to him, because after more than fifteen years, no one has achieved it. What is most curious is that the more advanced users, ensure that the memory of the game interacts in some way with the wall that protects you.


The treasure of Fallout 4 do you Imagine how life would be like in the wasteland if nothing else you begin to be able to get all of the objects and weapons in the game? That desire can become a reality in this room, what happens is that you can not access it without the use of certain commands in the console. We do not know very well what were the reasons responsible to create this paradise, but we can not think of a better way to "break" the game.


< b class = 's22 s18_600 s18_480 mar_b6 db'> The Sonic Adventure trick Sonic Adventure was a very popular game in the final stretch of the 90s. Exploring that world in three dimensions left us all speechless and we cannot forget moments like that fight against Eggman in Mystic Ruins. Do you remember when your ship was transformed into a more powerful one? Well it wasn’t like that. And there was a second ship waiting behind the stage to be replaced. As if it were a replacement car …


Not so many in Shattered Memories Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is one of the most peculiar installments in the saga. His commitment to skip combat in order to flee from enemies in pursuit was very original. And its developers had their tricks to generate maximum tension. Without going any further, when we looked back we saw that several monsters were on our heels, but this was not the case, since some were not there; they were alien silhouettes off camera.


< b class = 's22 s18_600 s18_480 mar_b6 db'> The ninja enemies of TimeSplitters: Perfect Future The saga has always been characterized by its mix of time travel and sense of humor. We go through different levels and face endless enemies that often appear in the place we least expect. Do you know why they were so inappropriate? Because something was cooked off camera. And is that the enemies were able to break through walls and stand in our noses just when we were not looking!

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