And only 22 % used this instant messaging application with a goal purely professional, according to data from Adecco.

A study of Adecco, and its Foundation reveals that the majority of the Spanish used the messaging application WhatsApp when you are at work.

In particular, 64 out of every 100 Spanish workers consulted on admit that you have used WhatsApp “some while” in the middle of his working hours.

Of them, about two-fifths have done so with a purpose personal. Only 22 per cent use WhatsApp at work with a goal purely professional, for example, to get in touch with a colleague, a customer or a supplier. Or also to alert you that are going to be late or are going to come to the office because they are sick.

What how much time you pass the workers on WhatsApp each day? is usually, “a few minutes”. So says the 59 %. Another 21 % admit to using WhatsApp from 15 to 30 minutes, and an 11 % exceeds the half hour, and reaches even to the full hour.

what about the rest? The relationship with WhatsApp during working hours exceeds two hours in a 5 % of the cases. And is located between 1 and 2 hours in another 4 %.