According to the Barometer of Summer 2019 Ferratum, a 38 % prefer to make their purchases of products and services on the internet during these months.

Spain andamong the biggest spenders during the summer vacation.

So what determines the Barometer Summer 2019 Ferratum, which analyzes the behavior of government expenditures in 17 different countries. The places in which more is spent are: Mexico (66% of the monthly disposable income per household), Bulgaria (56 %), Spain (51 %) and Latvia (43 %), while in the opposite end are: Romania (12 %), Brazil (13 %), Denmark (26 %) and Finland (28 %).

“The spaniards re-placed in the midfoot high spending in the summer vacation, with a 51 %, ranking in the third place compared to 34 % of average”, pointing to Antti Kumpulainen, deputy CEO of Ferratum Bank. “however, it should be noted that the projected expenditure decreases with respect to 2018, when the spaniards thought to use a 52,9 % of their income, being at that time the second round in the table”.

Also “are positioned above the average in spending on domestic travel, with 21% placing it as the activity in which greater economic effort made. I follow closely the activities of summer (19 %). At the other end, the spaniards will only spend 8 % to travel out of the country”, in the shadow Kumpulainen.

And what happens with the use of the technology? Do consumers prefer cash, card or mobile payments? How is using e-commerce?

The barometer of Ferratum reveals that 70 % of the Spanish prefer to pay with card this summer and not with cash. In addition, 71 % say they will use the mobile banking services in the summer season, and that puts the spaniards in the middle of the table.

More than a third of respondents (38 %) also is shown inclined to buy products and services on the internet during these months.