So it warns Fortinet, which has published its threat report for the second quarter and a figure in a 96 % of the companies experiencing ‘exploits’ severe.

The last Global Report of Threats of Fortinet, which has been updated with data from the second quarter of 2018, leaves some outstanding data on the corporate sector.

And that is, among other things, concludes that “practically no company is immune to the vulnerabilities that are serious”.

In particular, 96 % companies experience a exploit serious.

Fortinet adds that almost none is saved from the trends of cyber attacks in progress.

Close one fourth part of the companies have detected criptojacking.

in Addition, a group of six variants of malware, has reached more than 10% of the organizations.

“The hackers are relentless. Each time automate most of their tools to create variants of exploit known”, indicates Phil Quade, chief information security officer at Fortinet. “they are Also more precise in their objectives, depending on less of the attempts general to find victims exploitable”.

“The organizations have to adopt, urgently, a strategy for security that allows them to combat these tactics”, recommended Quade.

And he added: “they should take advantage of the defenses are automated and integrated to resolve the problems of speed and scale, using the detection based on the behavior of high-performance and trust in the knowledge of intelligence threats provided by the IA to focus all their efforts on patching the vulnerabilities that really matter”.