The Spanish Association of video Games welcomes the submission of the Plan Culture 2020 and highlights that the sector has “a great capacity of generation of wealth and creation of quality jobs”.

With the introduction of the Plan Culture 2020, it opens a new stage for the video game industry in Spain, as the Spanish Government would be committed to through this industrial plan specific to encourage the production of games.

“For the first time a Government in Spain is committed publicly to this kind of action”, highlights José María Moreno, director general of the Spanish Association of video Games (AEVI), after the secretary of State for Culture, Fernando Benzo, has submitted that plan to the Congress of Deputies. “From AEVI we are constantly working to develop the industry in our country,”, adds Moreno, “and the commitment of the Government is a piece of news that we celebrate”.

“The institutions are becoming more sensitive to the potential for the games industry. We are faced with a sector associated with innovation and culture with a great capacity of generation of wealth and creation of employment quality”, highlighting the management of AEVI. To José María Moreno, the intentions of the Spanish Government are a cause of “celebration for the national industry” but also for the industry “international video game that looks such as Spain can become an attractive place to invest and create jobs”.

“We are taking steps in the right direction”, insists Brown. “Spain has the opportunity to become a european power for the video game industry for the talent and ease of investment, but also by respect for their creators and rights-holders intellectual property”.

In this sense, the Plan of Culture 2020 gave rise to the foundation of a prosecutor’s office that would be responsible to ensure the respect of intellectual property and would provide for the establishment of tax incentives for investment in production of video games.