The british home secretary comes back to reopen the debate on privacy and security in social networking companies and Internet after the London bombings.

technology companies should cooperate more with the agencies responsible for law enforcement and stop providing a “secret place for terrorists to communicate, using encrypted messages”, said the british minister of the Interior, Amber Rudd, as shown in Reuters.

The local media have reported that the terrorist british who carried out the attack in London last week sent an encrypted message moments before the attack.

The british minister has rekindled the debate that “the terrorists are using the social networks as their platform,” and you have asked for help from owners of applications, encrypted messaging, how to WhatsApp from Facebook, beyond having to introduce a new legislation.

“we Need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to enter in certain situations in the encrypted messages WhatsApp”, said Rudd.

In the US, the Government has tried to do that technology companies us to provide a form of encryption after the attack of San Bernardino and the refusal of Apple to the FBI to access the iPhone messages of the terrorist.