In the year so far has doubled the number of companies affected by this problem, up to 42 %.

mining you are not authorized to criptomonedas or criptojacking has become a major problem for organizations.

So it warns Check Point, which has published the Cyber Attack Trends: 2018 Mid-Year Report about the cyber-attacks in the first half and points out that “the hackers are attacking it aggressively to organizations through the malware criptojacking.

In particular, in the period of six months that’s going from January to June more than doubled the number of companies affected in comparison with the second half of 2017, rising to a 42 %.

And the three variants of malware more common were criptojackers. So, the criptojackers most widespread are named Coinhive, Cryptoloot and JSEcoin. All of them are designed for the mining of the currency Monero.

“In the first half of this year, the criminals have followed the same trend as that at the end of 2017: make the most of the criptojacking to maximize your income”, says Maya Horowitz, director of the Intelligence Group of Threats of Check Point.

“we have Also witnessed the emergence of threats from increasingly sophisticated anti-infrastructure in the cloud and multiplatform environments” he adds.

“These attacks Gen V large-scale, multivectoriales and fast moving, are becoming more prevalent, and companies need to adopt a strategy of cyber-security multi-layer material that can prevent these attacks from taking over their networks and data,”, ends on this expert.

Next to the criptojacking and attacks on infrastructure, cloud, there are other trends such as the attacks cross-platform and malware mobile factory.