A study from Bitglass found that these companies are taking advantage of the productivity benefits offered by the cloud, but would do so in a reckless way.

The security risk in business is remarkable, according to data from a study undertaken by the firm Bitglass with the task of knowing what is the state of the solutions cloud.

according To this study, entitled “Threats below the surface” and that reflects the experience of almost two thousands of IT professionals, in the last year, about 9 out of every 10 companies were victims of a cyber attack. Specifically, 87 % of them suffered at least one breach that affected its data.

If it digs a little more, we discover that one third of companies came to be hacked five times.

The companies themselves do not reflect the issue of security among their fears. More than half situated the leak of data as their main concern with respect to the cloud. The case is that less than a fourth part is fighting against it, monitoring the protection of their applications to cloud and Infrastructure as a Service on a routine basis.

“survey”, they conclude from Bitglass, “suggests that organizations to enjoy the productivity benefits of the cloud in a reckless manner”.