The Bryand McIntosh player, best known in the Street Fighter V as Krucial B, passed away this weekend during Defend the North, an annual meeting in New York City. According to several participants present in the tournament, McIntosh suffered an attack during the event from which he failed to recover.

The player I enjoyed the Street Fighter V and Samurai Shodown , and although it was quickly attended to by the health teams thanks to the prompt response from the attendees and the hotel staff where the tournament was going, nothing could be done to save his life. Both Capcom, sponsor of the tournament, and the rest of the fans shared their pain messages and their support for the family on social networks.

The causes McIntosh’s health problems have not been made public, although different assistants to Defend the North point out that the playing conditions during the match were very poor, with temperatures in the game areas that exceeded 37 degrees Celsius , very crowded spaces or the difficulties to have water for the participants in the competition.

The player community also regrets the sudden death during the weekend of another well-known member at age 33, one of the great champions of StarCraft 2 .