Maybe, with so much action and emotions during your games at GTA 5 , you have not noticed this curious graphic detail. But a very observant fan does seem to have noticed that Rockstar added a light pollution effect to the night skies of Grand Theft Auto 5 .

From Reddit, the player nicknamed ChanDanGreen99 has shared a comparison between two images in which a notable difference can be seen between the night sky seen from a city or from the field. As in the real world, less detail can be seen from the population centers in the urban areas because of the enormous difference in lighting sources .

Without a doubt, a curious detail that continues to demonstrate the benefits of this title, even comparing it to Rockstar’s most recent work, Red Dead Redemption 2 . Can’t you tell which of these two games you like best? Do not miss our debate what is the best recent video game from Rockstar, GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2 .

Gta 5 has realistic light pollution, you can see the sky better in the hills than in the city from r / gaming