The first fight in God of War of PS4 is also one of the most spectacular of this action adventure developed by Santa Monica Studio , so have the opportunity to revive it from a different perspective, with a general camera watching from the distance is the most interesting. And this is possible thanks to the work of an amateur we have talked about on other occasions.

Lance McDonald has modified the game code to freely control the camera of God of War, and thus show us this epic fight between Kratos and The Unknown. Although it loses the spectacular cinematography of the real scene, it serves to see everything that happens around these two characters.

The fight ends with a fun moment that players are oblivious to, because it happens off camera. The scene? When The Unknown falls through an abyss, he does it in an inelegant way, raising his finger as you can see in the video that McDonald has published on social networks. ‘> In the past this same fan showed how great it would be to have a photo mode in Bloodborne , using the same technique to show the action of the FromSoftware game from another perspective. It should be clear that this is not an option that you can access with a legal copy of the videogame.

Speaking of the study responsible for the saga God of War , in In the last few hours the announcement was made that Stadia opens a new studio with the former director of Sony Santa Monica at the head . The PlayStation team has not taken long to announce its substitute, with a veteran of the studio as new boss of Santa Monica Studio .