A simple malicious e-mail could trigger an attack by global ransomware that regardless of means up to 193.000 millions of dollars to companies around the world.

The cybercriminals are moving quickly and the attacks are increasingly more sophisticated. And almost always are a step ahead of the systems of cyber security more advanced. However, in this power struggle, there is a factor that weighted the balance in favor of the “bad guys”: the human factor.

A simple e-mail with a malicious file opened by the user can trigger the global chaos. This scenario is the one that is considered in the study ‘Bashe attack: Global infection by contagious malware’, developed in the framework of the project The Cyber Risk Management, led by the Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre.

This research part of the course of an attack ransomware released through an infected email, which is forwarded to all contacts as soon as you open.

you Could encrypt the data of almost 30 million devices worldwide in just 24 hours.

it Is estimated that would affect more than 600,000 companies around the world that would be forced to pay a ransom to decrypt your data or replace the infected devices. The report indicates that the economic damage caused to migrate in the range of 85,000 million -in the course less severe — to 193.000 millions of dollars -in the scenario more hard-.

The report points out that the impact of this cyber attack ransomware would not be identical in all regions, depending on the business fabric of each area, since there are sectors which are most vulnerable to this type of incidents. The five sectors most affected by this attack would be the retail trade (with a loss of 25,000 million dollars), health (25,000 million), manufacturing (24.000 million), professional services and business (20,000 million), financial services and banking (17,000 million) is and tourism, (17,000 million).

The size and relevance of the companies also has a decisive influence on the impact caused in each region. The report considers that the companies of first level, contributing to increase the economic losses to an alleged cyber attack, so that the areas with the highest number of large companies is likely to suffer an impact greater.

Other factors that would give rise to differences in the losses caused in the different regions of the world are the penetration of the electronic devices and connection to the internet, the development of the Internet of Things or the number of external suppliers of services and software products.

The research figure is the potential economic losses caused by this attack in Europe in a range of 30,000 to 76,000 million dollars. Would be the second most affected region behind the united States, who would suffer damages by value of 46,000 to 89.000 million dollars.

in Addition, the study points out that the impact of this attack ransomware is spread to the entire supply chain, as the encryption of digital devices would cause the business interruption. For example, the indirect losses in the banking and financial sectors would be nearly equal to the direct.