The Last of Us: Part II is one of the most anticipated video games of everything that is to come in the coming years, and Sony is keeping its cards well in terms of showing a new video gameplay from the Naughty Dog game. The thing could change soon.

At least that follows from the fact that the title is already showing behind closed doors in a second edition of its demo content, that is to say a new video cut ingame that extends what we saw at the time in the first gameplay of The Last of Us Part 2 .

The video has he seen on the GameStop Managers Show It has revealed Twitter account Nibel , one of the largest content and information filters related to video games in the entire network, which shows the revealing photo that you can see on these lines. This is an event of managers of the Gamestop sales chain, where they have had the opportunity to see a new gameplay from the creators of the Uncharted saga within the framework of the GameStop Managers Show .

Nibel himself remembers that the day September 26 is the Outbreak Day, that is, the Day of Infection, one more occasion which propitiates to show a videogame that already rumored a possible release date .

Remember that this is not the only information that The Gamestop Managers Show has left us, and it is also announced the return of Aladdin and the Lion King to current consoles .