The time of patient care is reduced due to the implementation of a technological enhancement.

Without a doubt one of the biggest challenges in hospitals is to serve the customer in the shortest possible time without incurring any lost of quality in the service.

currently, it is estimated that health care personnel, dedicated 3 and 4 hours on administrative tasks, a time that should be reduced since that is not dedicated to take care of patients, collected in a study of Nuance Communications.

Also, the research exposed that 90% of medical professionals adds more information and detail in your reports for 10 years, so it is important to minimize the time spent for that purpose.

In that sense, the introduction of information by voice and speech recognition in the health sector, they promise to improve the quality of the work of healthcare professionals and help them to recover their time to devote to patients.

Among the advantages that voice recognition technology for the healthcare industry, in Nuance, they point to the increase of the rapidity in the management of the documentation, the reduction of the time of delivery of the health records, the improvement of the quality of care, the total control of the process of creation of records on the part of physicians, and the time optimization for every query.

In regard to the future of the technology applied to the health field, Javier Viver, Director of Sales in the Health sector for the South of Europe and Latin america at Nuance Communications, displays positive and reveals that “it is expected that in 2017 in Spain are intended for budgets to devote to projects of eHealth”.