If you keep the rate of creation of actual malware removal, 2017 will end up with about 10 million new malicious programs.

The activity of the criminals not to.

During the first six months of 2017, G DATA has been detected 4.891.304 new malware.

Those close to 5 million of programs is the equivalent of 70 % of all the malware that had been created in 2016, which gives to understand that this year, the levels of malicious software will grow above the final figure of last year. In addition, 4.891.304 programs in six months involving a daily creation of over 27,000 virus. Or 1 new virus every 3.2 seconds.

G DATA remember also that in 2007 saw the light 133.253 types of malware and reveals that this figure has been reached during this 2017 only in five days.

“About one in five of malicious programs to which we have faced daily has been created during the first half of 2017″, indicates the security company, which believes that, “if it keeps this breakneck pace of creation of malware, we’ll end the year with about 10 million new threats”.

Image: G DATA
Image: G DATA