We all know AMD Zen 2 processors, and if not, just keep in mind that this is an architecture that offers excellent performance for the energy consumption they have and, especially for the price at which they are for sale. But the red has already raised the offspring for the next few years. Today we have already confirmed that the design of Zen 3 is already complete, so it has passed to the testing phase and subsequent manufacturing. AMD, in its Summits> Preparing the architectural architecture, they are already meeting their designs Zen 4 and Zen 5 .

These teams work as follows: one of the teams focuses on architecture while the another works on the new generation hardware. Now that Zen 3 is finished, engineers have been able to move to the Zen 5 architecture, of course, that will arrive in 2022 . An interesting detail of the work methodology is that in some cases the architectural improvements can be transferred thanks to the proximity with which the different AMD teams work.

In previous events related to EPYC, AMD confirmed that they are very attentive to customer feedback to guide their next developments with Zen. Thus they can focus on improving Zen’s operability in various situations , apart from Find where the public is missing more performance for their CPUs. AMD’s intentions are clear: not only to offer competitive products, but to draw roadmaps for Ryzen, Zen and EPYC and, above all, to fulfill them. The processor market is in shape!