AMD continues to grow thanks to the arrival of two new datacenter clients.


AMD has announced the expansion of its global partner ecosystem for its EPYC processors for the data center .

Specifically, the Sunnyvale company has welcomed as a new datacenter customers the Chinese technology group Tencent and the Chinese e-commerce platform JD. com , one of the biggest rivals of Alibaba.

It has also revealed the identity of its new OEM partners Lenovo and Sugom who announced new products and systems with AMD EPYC processors.

Forrest Norrod, senior vice president and general director of products for Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom of AMD, has signaled his satisfaction for having “the support of leading providers of cloud services, Tencent and, while we continue to have the support of Baidu, Lenovo and Sugon. ”

On the other hand, the executive also points out that “by partnering with these market leaders, AMD is bringing the ability to choose and compete to one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world.”