The local operators report that is not being met the General Telecommunications Law or the Law of Guarantee of Market Unity.

The first auction of radio frequency for 5G could be suspended form an interim if it approves the petition presented by the AOTEC with the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

The AOTEC is the National Association of Local Operators of Telecommunications, has decided to report the auction for the deletion of those sections that are detrimental to the access of competitors. This is, “paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2 of clause 8 of Annex I of the specific administrative clauses and the technical specifications for the that calls for the bid”.

As explained by the local operators, “the articles which establish barriers to entry to the auction of the frequency band 3,6-3,8 GHz, both technical and economic, break the Law of Guarantee of Market Unity and the General Telecommunications Law”.

on the one hand, it puts as a requirement to have at least 90 million euros of business volume in any of the last three years. On the other hand, it is required to have made a provision of services or invested more than $ 42 million in the field of electronic communications and networks of the same type or similar.

What is required will against the principle of non-discrimination and the principle of promotion of competition, according to the AOTEC, which explains that it is doing a disservice to those who are interested in 5G but they are not large companies. Their leaders are also of the opinion that the requirements of “are not motivated or are provided”. For them, the requirement of technical solvency is facing the issue of proportionality and the economic, is not justified.

“Since the technology is new and is even defined in some respects,”, they argue, “the previous experience on the part of the operators is low, or no,”. Meanwhile, “the fact that an operator pays for a resource is the biggest guarantor of that look for greater efficiency and effectiveness of technology in your application”, they assure us.