Before summer, the French manufacturer will introduce in the european market tablets Kodak with 8 MP camera and photographic applications.

Eastman Kodak Company has decided to expand its program of licensing for marcto. Has selected the French manufacturer ARCHOS, as the new licensee.

ARCHOS will and of enter in the european market, tablets with the brand name Kodak. Tablets that you will begin to be sold before the summer and already promise to gather “stylish design with the latest technologies”.

how could it be otherwise, these devices will put the accent on the part photo. Include 8mp rear camera and pre-loaded applications oriented to the image, to photography as the video. For the topic of the connection, it will be based on the 3G standard.

“We are very happy to include to ARCHOS to our portfolio of licensees”, it has indicated on this agreement Brian Cross, vice president and general manager of Consumer Products Group Kodak.

“ARCHOS has a solid history in the sector of the tablets,”, remember the Cross. “The French brand was the first to introduce a tablet Google Android in 2009 and is recognized as a key player in the european market of tablets with a wide presence in the retail market”.

For its part, Loïc Poirier, CEO of ARCHOS has said that “we are very proud to be one of the licensees of Kodak to jointly develop its brand in the world of tablet”.