This is the FRITZ! Repeater 3000, FRITZ! Repeater 2400, FRITZ! Repeater 1200 and FRITZ! Repeater 600.


AVM has come to the Mobile World Congress with new wireless Mesh repeaters .

It is presenting the FRITZ! Repeater 3000 , the FRITZ! Repeater 2400 , the FRITZ! Repeater 1200 and the FRITZ! Repeater 600 .

The FRITZ! Repeater 3000, which extends the range in large rooms, has three wireless units. The FRITZ! Repeater 1200 and 2400 incorporate Gigabit LAN port and, while the first one has four antennas for 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, the second offers two antennas for each band. For its part, the FRITZ! Repeater 600 has four antennas for the 2.4 GHz frequency.

AVM is also showing at the Barcelona congress its FRITZ! Box 7583 routers for DSL connections, the 6591 Cable , the 6890 LTE Installable at the same time on DSL and 4G connections and 5491 and 5490 for passive and active fiber optics.

The company’s flagship is the FRITZ! Box 7590 for 300 Mbps supervectoring.