At a distance you are Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, or together exceed the participation of Amazon, with shares of 17% and 8 % respectively.

“suppliers of infrastructure services in the cloud with headquarters in the united States and China currently dominate their respective national markets, which probably will not change soon”, because, according to Canalys, the “current political climate”.

This consulting firm has published data for the third quarter for this market of services infrastructure cloud, which has grown to the 21,000 million dollars. This is the same as saying that grew 46 %.

Almost a third of the expense (32 %) concentrates in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which remains the number one supplier. Its growth during the quarter was 45 %. Distance is are Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, or together exceed the percentage of AWS, with a 17% and 8 % respectively.

Canalys points out that 6 of the top 10 suppliers have their headquarters in the united States.

yes, after Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, who is classified in fourth position is Alibaba Cloud, of chinese origin, with a 4 % of the expenditure. It should be noted that the growth of Alibaba Cloud has been above 80 %.

Between IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, NTT, Tencent and China Telecom are made with 12 %.

us suppliers and chinese maintain a competition increasingly strong. And its expansion, according to Daniel Liu, senior research analyst, Canalys, is part of a technology strategy more, “as part of the efforts to increase its economic and political influence”.

“in Addition to building cloud platforms larger and scalable”, explains Liu, “both countries compete for being the first to deploy networks 5G, and build supercomputers exaescala. The winner is likely to have the best artificial intelligence, cyber security and military technologies”, says this analyst.