Improvements in existing products and bet on Artificial Intelligence.


Special from Las Vegas

It is difficult to condense all the news of the first day of re: Invent 2016 , the most important annual event of AWS.

Also for the company’s own CEO, Andy Jassy, ​​who has structured the news using a most attractive analogy. One of the reasons why AWS dominates the public cloud market, said the manager, is that o offers “super powers” ​​to those who build clouds.

Jassy has talked about offering supersonic speed for the transition to cloud environments, X-ray vision to refer to analytical and data processing capabilities; of immortality to refer to facilitate the construction of SaaS businesses ; of the ability to fly to refer to agility in database migration processes and the ability to change form, to service companies that want to use third-party applications in AWS.

The most recent example of this chameleonic quality has been the agreement signed with VMware thanks to which AWS opens up to the possibility of offering a hybrid cloud strategy and VMware how to integrate easily its products in the cloud provider par excellence.

Bet on artificial intelligence

AWS could not be less at this time when large technology companies are openly showing their commitment to Artificial Intelligence . The company has «thousands» of employees dedicated to this purpose.

During the re: Invent has launched three new artificial intelligence services: Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly and Amazon Rekognition, with the aim of “allowing developers to build intelligence about any application and any business. ”

It’s the right time to do it. «The combination of algorithms, access to large volumes of data and large computing capabilities offered by the cloud is making the application of artificial intelligence a reality for developers,» declared Raju Gulabani, VP of Databases, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at AWS.

Amazon Lex is a new conversational interface creation service that uses voice and text on automatic voice recognition technology .

Amazon Polly offers the ability to add natural language processing capabilities. It is able to understand 24 languages ​​and offer 47 different voices (male and female and accents). It is scalable and allows you to transform large volumes of text to voice.

The Washington Post is able to switch to audio content in texts published daily thanks to this technology, say AWS in its official statement.

Finally Amazon Rekognition allows you to build applications capable of analyzing images, recognizing faces, objects and environments; For this, it uses deep learning technology.

Improvements in a wide range of products

In addition to the AI ​​segment, AWS has presented numerous new features.

Thus, it has announced improvements in different families of instances, doubling memory and vGPU capabilities, GPUs elastic for EC2, Amazon Athena, to analyze information in Amazon S3 using the SQL standard ; a new edition of the database engine Aurora, Greengras, based on AWS IoT and Lambda for offline operations that simplifies the implementation of local processing and two new versions of your Snowball appliance; Snowball Edge and Snowmobile.