With technologies such as AI or Blockchain and an architecture of hybrid cloud exclusive, now Acronis protects all data in any environment, explains Alessandro Perotti, Channel Manager in Italy and Spain.

it Is one of the biggest leaders in the IT industry for its solutions for data backup. However, little by little, Acronis has been evolving the business model and today presents itself as a provider not only to protect the information they handle companies but rather a partner with which you can manage all the needs of storage, management and cyber protection of the data.

Enhanced by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain and an architecture of hybrid cloud exclusive, now Acronis protects all data in any environment, explains Alessandro Perotti, Channel Manager in Italy and Spain of Acronis, with whom we discussed the present and future of the company.

– Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Acronis, said recently that the backup alone is not enough to provide a true data protection.  What’s hiding behind this statement? How should it be then truly effective strategy of protection of the data?

Today, the global environment of business is a very complex world for the multitude of devices that exist and the amount of data generated. To mention some numbers, today, every minute, we produced 82 million emails, and it is estimated that each person in the digitised world, in the year 2020, it will produce 120 Gb of data per day.

If this huge amount of information, we add, for example, the emergence and use of systems in the cloud, the complexity is even greater.

Similarly, there are also growing threats to the security of these data, especially the attacks of ransomware, or malware that occurs one every 14 seconds.

For all that, currently, only do a backup, a backup of our data is not enough anymore. Because today I need to manage and control my data also in the cloud, receive an email and know that I should not open it because it contains an attack, to predict new threats…

– How focus, then, today the management and protection of the information?

The evolution of the protection of data of a company has evolved from backup to the cyber protection, our new strategy is based on 5 pillars: safeguards (backup and recovery), accessibility, privacy (being able to encrypt the data that I’m going to archive, and also that I store in the cloud, that I will share between several devices, etc.) authenticity (certifying the integrity of the data) and security in all our products and services is a proactive security and reactive.

– Hailed as one of the pillars of the cyber protection, the step of privacy. In this sense, Acronis is using the technology of the Blockchain, right?

Actually, in Acronis we have developed Notary, the first backup product to consumers whose goal is to use the technology of chain blocks to test that a file is authentic and has not changed since it was added to the backup.

Acronis Notary creates a certificate for each file is certified by a notary. This certificate connects the functions of the single file with the permanent record of the chain of blocks and allows you to check and ensure their authenticity. So when are we going to recover that data, I can control with full warranty which has not been modified at any time.

– Another of the technologies for which you are betting on is the Artificial Intelligence. What projects are you doing in this land?

The Artificial Intelligence is present in the first place, in all our solutions to be able to analyze the information we collect, how we study it, predict attacks and in this way, to anticipate them.

recently, For example, would launch his market Acronis Ransomware Protection, a solution also to free that part of our unique technology based on Artificial Intelligence Acronis Active Protection and that is part of our commitment to eradicate the ransomware. The Artificial Intelligence allows us to collect and study information from around the world to know how will be the next attack, it learns the behaviour from the machine, which allows you to detect threats before they even arrive.

But in addition to our own solutions, we’re doing projects based on AI is very interesting in areas such as of the Formula E with team NIO. In this case, we have developed a software tool for artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/AA) that allows you to recognize the signals of the sensors scattered around the car, and to predict those which are defective or which may fail.

– One of their most recent bets it is the management and protection of such data also in the cloud…What does it mean for Acronis currently the Cloud model in terms of business compared to, for example, the business license for the desktop?

Without a doubt, the Cloud model is key for us. And, therefore, not only we have “uploaded” to the cloud, but that we have developed from scratch our own architecture, platform Acronis Hybrid Cloud Architecture, an architecture of hybrid Cloud, which is implemented in the 12 data centers that we have around the world and from which we offer all of our products so that each customer can decide whether to use on premise or in the cloud.

We are one of the few manufacturers that offer a cloud architecture pure, all of our solutions we offer from this architecture. It is not that we our products and we have “connected” with the cloud… We have developed a Cloud platform from scratch.

in Addition, our platform offers any type of storage that is connected with the services of multiple providers, including Azure, Google, or Amazon.

All this has meant that our forecasts for this year in Spain point to a 50% of our business comes from Cloud business, and again to return to experience increases of 3 figures in this field.

with regard to the business on the promise, we will maintain levels similar to those of other years, too, with increments of two figures.

– And in parallel, how is evolving the SaaS model to Acronis?

What is certain is that all of our business, it could be argued, is amenable to be used under a SaaS model and this will not cease to increase.

In brief, in fact, we will be launching in Spain a new service that takes us, so to speak, in the field of hardware since, by an appliance, we will allow access to an authentic solution of hiperconvergencia, with machines in which the customer will pay for storage capacity consumed.

it’s Going to be a milestone for us and we believe that the market

– What is the value differential has the offer of Acronis from their competitors?

Honestly, I think that we have to offer. It is the most complete on the market. We cover the needs of any user (consumer, sme, large company) and not just their needs of backup. Also anti-malware protection, disaster recovery, cloud synchronization, sharing of solutions…

We really are the provider with which to protect the data in an easy, fast, complete and affordable all files, applications and operating systems in any environment-virtual, physical, cloud, or mobile.

– In the coming years, what will be the biggest challenge: storing and managing data or securizarlos?

I think that storage is going to be more important. The amount of data is growing and this is going to make that storage is increasingly a greater challenge. The hardening is practically already a reality, the challenge is to manage the information, store it and access it at any time and from any place.

In that scenario, our technology, constant innovation and complete solutions go to make that Acronis has a leading role in the market.