With this partnership facilitates the creation of backups of servers and restoring data from web sites.

Acronis and parallels Plesk panel, companies dedicated to the protection and storage of data in the hybrid cloud and to WebOps, respectively, have decided to join forces.

As announced, the platform of web site administration and control panel Plesk will incorporate Acronis Backup to Cloud, a solution that, when it is active, “allows the hosting clients to make themselves the granular recovery of a site or web files, mailboxes, and individual databases, without the need of contact with the support service”, as explained by John Zanni, president of Acronis.

The goal of this integration is is to facilitate providers of accommodation and services cloud the creation of backups of servers Plesk. Should be able to run backups of the image of the entire server, storing them in the Acronis Cloud and use them in case of disaster or migration. While, web professionals and IT administrators to restore their server environments, files, messages and databases using the familiar interface of Plesk.

To do this would be to install the agent Acronis Backup Cloud to physical servers and virtual machines, adding the extension of this solution to the user interface of Plesk.

“The partnership with Acronis allows us to offer millions of users of Plesk the best security solution in the cloud in the world”, values Nils Hueneke, CEO of Plesk. is “The backup and restoration are no longer an option recommended”, says “they have become a necessity absolutely”.